Setting up a new upsell funnel with upsell funnel pro app is super easy. Once you have clicked on the Create a new offer button, you will land on the upsell funnel campaign setup dashboard. In this tutorial, I will guide you through all the elements in the settings to help you understand app dashboard better.


The first section of the dashboard is consisting of offer name, discount setting and scheduling setting for the offer.


Offer name

Select an offer name for your new offer. Offer name will not be displayed on store frontend. This name is for you to identify the campaign as an admin.


Discount settings

You can offer fixed, percentage and free shipping all three kinds of discount with your upsell funnel offer. There is no need to create discount code manually from shopify settings. Just set you discount settings and upsell funnel pro will create coupon automatically for each campaign. We highly recommend not to edit/delete these auto generated discount codes from shopify discounts management panel. Once modified or deleted, the related upsell campaign will not work properly.


Campaign schedule

You can launch the campaign for a fixed period of time or continuously run the campaign. To set an evergreen campaign, leave the end date field blank.


Trigger product(s)

Select one or more trigger products for your campaign. You can also select specific variants of the product to trigger your offer. When a customer adds the product/variant to their cart, upsell offer will be displayed.

Upsell product(s)

You can use one or more upsell products for your upsell setting. The best practice is to use products from same niche to get the best result. For example, if your trigger product is a shoe, a pair of socks will be a good upsell to offer.

Downsell product(s)

Downsell is displayed when a shopper skips the upsell offer. So the best practice is to offer a lower priced and niche specific product as downsell. From the previous example, if shopper skips the upsell offer of the pair of socks, a shoe brush will be a good downsell offer.

Preferences & design settings

Use this setting to further narrow down your offer for more specific customer base. You can hide products and variants from displaying in the offer that are out of stock or already in shopper’s cart. You can also control the offer display by devices your shopper uses. Our frontend offer looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. We recommend both for best results.


Save the changes and your first upsell funnel campaign is ready.