Easy Terms app is a simple tool to add a terms confirmation checkbox on cart page. Once installed on your store, your shoppers have to confirm the checkbox before moving forward with the checkout.

You can add any texts or terms for your shoppers to confirm with. The app works fine for stores from any niche. This app is very useful if you are selling to European countries. Even if your store is operated from US or Canada, it is mandatory in most EU countries to have a terms and conditions confirmation option on cart page.

Easy Terms app not only protects your business from General Data Protection Rights (GDPR) violation but also helps you build trust and reliability among your shoppers by staying compliant with legal issues.

How does it work?

  • Install the app and activate the terms confirmation box feature with your privacy policy page url.
  • You can also modify the design and text of the checkbox from app dashboard.

Our app is lightweight and mobile friendly to look beautiful in any screen sizes.