Cart Genie is a simple tool that helps your shoppers edit their order variants directly from cart page without navigating to product the product page. This simplifies the order correction process and helps reduce canceled orders and abandoned cart rate dramatically.

Today’s shoppers have more choices than anytime ever for most of the products. Reduced attention span and instant gratification results in misplaced orders and cart abandonment.

With cart genie app, you can solve this issue with a few clicks and reduce your revenue loss by reducing cart abandonment and canceled orders.

Cart genie app comes with an easy to use dashboard and multiple language support. It also inherits design from store template to blend in perfectly.

How does it work?

  • Install the app and activate.
  • Your cart variants will be instantly editable.
  • To change button design and text, use the advance setting.

Our app is optimized to load fast and deliver a seamless user experience to your visitors.