When it comes to search engine optimization for image, ALT tags are mandatory. Google image search ranks websites higher those have proper and relevant alt tags set for images. Do not miss out on organic search engine traffic by not optimizing your images for search engines.


Setting up alt tags for image is tremendously boring and lengthy process. Specially, when you have hundreds if not thousands of product images in your store.


With easy image seo app, it takes a few clicks to optimize all your product images in minutes. Once setup, the app runs in autopilot and keeps optimizing all new images you add to your store.


How does it work?

  • Install the app for free and set ALT tag template for your store. We support multiple alt tag templates.
  • Click the start button and that’s it. Easy image seo app takes care of the rest.


No matter how big your store and how many images you have in your store, all of your images will be optimized with proper alt tags in no time.