Goalify app comes with a preset design and pitch. You can use the preset design to launch your campaign fast or you can use the settings to customize the design according to your need.


Goalify sales motivator app has options to fully customize the display design, background color, pitch texts and everything. To start with the customizations, you need to go to the settings area in the app dashboard.


Font setting

You can either use the font from your theme or a different one for your frontend pitch message. Using this panel, you have full freedom to select your font.


Pitch setting

Goalify comes with preset pitch and messages so that your can start right away. You can also customize the messages according to your need. Goalify supports any language in unicode format. Use shortcode [goal] = amount left to reach goal, and [discount] = reward for an interactive frontend experience.


Design setting

It is super easy to customize design and feel of your offer pitch message in frontend. Goalify comes with a preset design so that you can start instant. Also feel free to customize design according to your need. You do not need any technical skill to customize design. Everything is just one click away.


That’s pretty much with the settings. Goalify setting has real time preview of the design in the app dashboard. It helps to take decision faster while editing the designs and texts. And for any issue, feel free to contact our support.