Give your shoppers a reasonable shopping goal and motivate them to achieve it by offering a reward. The idea is simple yet very powerful when it comes to online shopping.


How does it work?

Goalify sales motivator adds an interactive notification bar in your store and pursue your shoppers to buy more. It doesn’t simply announce the offer but actually interacts with the visitors in real time.


For example, you want to offer free shipping to customers whose check out total is $50 or more. So you setup a goalify campaign. 


Now, John is visiting your awesome store to buy a t-shirt. He adds a t-shirt priced at $29 in his shopping cart. Goalify will not show him, if he buys product worth $21 more, he will get free shipping for the whole order. John decides to buy a hat along with the t-shirt and saves money on shipping cost. It’s win win deal for John and you both.