Setting up a new quantity break offer with Thrust quantity breaks app is super easy. Once you have clicked on the create new offer button, you will land on the quantity break setup dashboard. In this tutorial, I will guide you through all the elements in the settings to help you understand quantity break dashboard better.


The first section of the dashboard is consisting of offer name, and scheduling setting for the quantity break campaign.


Offer name

Select an offer name for your new offer. Offer name will not be displayed on store frontend. This name is for you to identify the campaign as an admin.


Campaign schedule

You can launch the campaign for a fixed period of time or continuously run the campaign. To set an evergreen campaign, leave the end date field blank.


Product selection for the quantity break

In this step, you will select products where the quantity break campaign will be displayed. You can select more than one product for one campaign. Search the products using the search box and add those as the trigger products.


Discount settings

To offer tiered pricing use the discount type you want to offer. You can offer both fixed and percentage discount. There is no need to create discount code manually from shopify settings. Quantity breaks does it for you.

Offer settings

Offer setting helps you to control quantity and discount in your offer section. Let your customers know, how many products will be added for how much discount when they take the offer.  Useful shortcode for text setting is [quantity] = Quantity of product and [amount] = discount amount.


That’s pretty much it. Our campaign setup process is straightforward and simple. If you still need our assistance, feel free to contact our support desk.