Easy product bundles app lets you create custom product bundles that can be purchased with a single click. For example, you can create a traveller’s bundle where a customer can pick up a backpack, a sunglass and a pair of cotton socks at 20% discount. Using the product bundle offers, your customer benefits with a discount and you sell more.

How does it work?

  • With easy bundles app, you can create product bundles, collection bundles, variant bundles and collection wide dynamic bundles.
  • Select the bundle type you want to create and then choose product or collection or variant for the bundle. Once the bundle is created and activated, it will show up in your product page.
  • You also get a detail analytics of your bundle campaign’s revenue, conversion rate and bundle views.


Some bundle offers examples:


Fixed discount: Get $10 off when you buy all 3 items from traveller’s bundle.

Percentage discount: Save 20% on total price when you buy Funky socks with Teenstar shoes.

Free shipping: Get free shipping on all items when you buy jackets and tie together.

Year-end sale: Buy blue shirt and brown jeans together and enjoy 50% discount.